A good friend Stephanie Dickison put a flame under her career about 4 years ago with a simple static site I helped her set up.  Since then she’s become a highly sought after reviewer of restaurants and products.  Her blog, The Knack, is a fantastic exploration of unique products and her book is a lighthearted tale of her life as a freelance writer.

With all this success it was clearly time to revitalize her old static website, and she came to me looking to get things up and running quick with wordpress.  Three days later, her site was up and presentable to the world.

The magazine style site is very slick indeed, but contained a number of bugs and undesired functionality.   I was able to clean up the template and coach her on managing the site, which is now totally in her hands.

This project demonstrates the democratic power of wordpress, and is a great example of my $200 quick and dirty small business website package.