Christopher Guest is producer, editor and media creator in Toronto, Canada.  

Christopher is a producer, composer and digital creator who has the internet in his grasp. He has made his mark producing a wide range of video content for online and broadcast; from custom advertising and journalistic content for Canada’s largest IT websites, to commercials and corporate videos for Rogers Promotions, to comedy and animation for

As an early contributor to the internet and mobile video revolution, Christopher has been courted by and built relationships with most of the biggest players in the space. His multiplatform and transmedia series, created with Scott Albert, has earned him a reputation as a innovative independent film maker, animator and web developer. With a background in classical music composition, Christopher brings a lot of project management and artistic integration skills to all of his productions.

Independent Production

He has produced a number of animation and live action shorts, pitch pieces for television, and has had his work in festivals. He has a strong grasp of recent market changes and has been on the forefront of original internet media production.
(Skill set: pitching, budgeting, scheduling, financial management, personnel, etc.)

Video Editing and Special Effects

A fast and accurate editor, with lots of creative experience Christopher brings the story to life.  Drama, informational, commercial and music video editing, supported by his strong understanding of and diligence to workflow.
(software:  Avid, Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Aftereffects, Final Cut, etc.)

Original Music Composition

He has a degree in music composition (University of Alberta, 2000), composed and created music for the stage, film, and television. He can play many instruments and musical styles, his compositions reflect this diversity.

(instruments: Trumpet, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Recorder, Bass)
(software: Finale, Acid, etc.)

Sound Effects and Design

He has created, recorded and compiled original sound effects for stage productions, animation and television. He has a strong understanding both digital and analog audio, and the ability to put sonic elements together.

(software: SoundForge, Protools, Midi,  etc.)